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Tourism in Luxembourg

Given its size, the variety of the countryside never fails to astound tourists who visit the Grand Duchy for the first time.There are four quite distinct regions to choose from: the industrial south, the verdant but densely populated district around Luxembourg city in the center, the wine growing eastern fringe along the beautiful river Moselle and finally the hilly and tranquil north with its many romantic castles. From a tourist point of view north and east might be the most picturesque regions. But even in the center and south forests, small streams and peaceful meadows are found in abundance. 


So many castles dot the rural countryside that one valley has been re-christened the valley of seven castles. The country’s number one attraction however lies to the north: the majestic castle of Vianden is a regular crowd puller. Tourists from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany flock there in great numbers. Luxembourg city is famous of course for its spectacular setting on a rocky outcrop, which justifies its name Gibraltar of the north. It’s been the capital of the Grand Duchy since medieval times and has now become a cosmopolitan shopping center with all the prestigious European brands to select from. Francophone joie de vivre and Germanic efficiency go hand in hand to create the perfect holiday destination. Best seasons for sightseeing are spring and early autumn but summers are still very pleasant when compared to other countries which lie more to the south. Temperatures in Luxembourg rarely exceed 30 degrees Celsius. Humidity is moderate. Winters see occasional snow only. Luxembourg citizens are very keen on a well maintained environment: to emphasize this they coined the slogan Luxembourg, the green heart of Europe. Winding country roads, dedicated bicycle paths and specially marked pedestrian promenades allow for a leisurely discovery of this greenery. By last count there were a dozen bicycle paths and over a hundred pedestrian ways for ramblers. More are added each year.Sight-seeing excursions by airplane, ultra light plane, glider or even hot air balloon can be arranged as may river rafting excursions, cruises and wind surfing on the country’s many rivers and lakes. Rock climbing is another exhilarating option to be enjoyed within the part of the country called little Switzerland. There are even some caves and underground iron ore mines to be explored in the center and south.


Visitors from Japan will appreciate the fact that Luxembourg is a destination which has good hotels in abundance. A considerable number of restaurants cater to French, but also Asian palates, namely in the capital city. Chinese or Italian restaurants are also numerous. English is widely spoken throughout. Being a well informed people, locals know all about Japan.

From Tokyo, the most convenient access would be through London, Frankfurt or Paris airports. Amsterdam, Vienna, Munich, Zurich, Rome are other possibilities as these cities too have direct connections with Luxembourg by air. Luxair is the national feeder airline.

For more detailed information in English and a wonderful collection of photos on the Grand Duchy, please contact the Luxembourg tourist office :